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Mattress Cleaning Surry Hills

Reliable Mattress Cleaning Company in Surry Hills

If you’re looking for a reliable mattress cleaning service in Surry Hills, look no further than our staff. Did you know that there are more than 17 times as many germs on a mattress as on a toilet seat? While not fatal, these microorganisms can cause discomfort and health issues. If you’re experiencing problems sleeping on your mattress, 711 Mattress Cleaning in Surry Hills is here to help. A clean and hygienic mattress is just a phone call away with our mattress cleaning services.

We have a team of cleaning experts who are experienced in delivering top-notch services. Our services include deep cleaning, sanitizing, mattress stain treatment, and spot removal. Contact us today to learn more about our services in Surry Hills, and take advantage of our flexible scheduling and affordable prices.

Why You Should Hire Experts for Mattress Cleaning

Hiring experts for mattress cleaning will save you time and hassle. Trained professionals will take care of everything while you sit back and relax. With just one cleaning, you’ll see a significant improvement, and you won’t have to spend hours scrubbing out stains. Specialists use high-quality products and take extra precautions to ensure the promised results.

Hiring a professional mattress cleaning service will also save you money on costly equipment and cleaning solutions. Professional services pose no health risks, as they only use the safest products available.

We Can Remove Blood, Sweat, and Urine Stains

Sweat and urine stains on your mattress can be frustrating to remove. Fortunately, you can rely on our professional cleaning crew to help you get rid of any stains.

If you’ve noticed sweat stains on your mattress, don’t worry, our mattress stain removal experts can help. We can also remove urine stains from mattresses, whether caused by pets or small children. Contact us immediately to arrange a top-notch stain removal service for your mattress.

We use non-toxic products to remove stains from mattresses and maintain a high standard of cleanliness during our cleaning process. Don’t let sweat or urine stains ruin your mattress, call us today for a thorough cleaning.

Our Specialities in Mattress Cleaning

Steam Treatment for Mattresses

When you hire our mattress cleaning service, you can expect efficient and helpful treatment with steam. This method can provide a better and longer-lasting result that can last for months.

Dry Cleaning for Mattresses

At 711 Mattress Cleaning in Surry Hills, we use a dry cleaning process to eliminate impurities that can be absorbed into the mattress fabric. This is a great option to achieve a clean and fresh look without any lingering stains or unpleasant odours. If your mattress has stains, this method can help remove them.

Eliminating Mould from Mattresses

Mattresses can harbour mould due to dampness, which can shorten their useful life and become a vector for human disease. That’s why we thoroughly clean the mattress to eliminate mould and make it usable again.

Removing Stains and Odours from Mattresses

Stains from food, urine, sweat and other substances not only ruin the mattress’s appearance but also disperse unpleasant odours. If you hire us to clean your mattress, we can remove stains and unpleasant odours to make it more pleasant and comfortable to use.

Mattress Dust Mite Treatment

Bed bugs, dust mites, and dust can make a home in the seams of a mattress. This can be a risk for human infection, especially for young children who spend a lot of time in bed. We can thoroughly sanitise the mattress before it can be used again by humans. 

Protecting Your Mattress from Germs

We thoroughly clean the mattress to eliminate any viruses or bacteria that may be resting on its surface. We work with top-tier experts to ensure the mattress is free from germs and bacteria.

Mattress Bed Bugs Treatment

We use high-powered equipment to clean the mattress at an extremely high temperature to eliminate bed bugs and other parasites effectively.

Effective Mattress Cleaning Process Used By Our Team


We start with an inspection to check the mattress’s condition and find any other issues. This helps us choose the best treatment for your mattress.


We use a vacuum to eliminate dust and debris from the mattress, which can cause respiratory issues.


We use different procedures to address various issues, depending on the complexity of the problem. Our professionals use tried-and-true techniques and cutting-edge equipment.


Our technicians use high-quality disinfectants to spray the mattress and eliminate germs and bacteria.


We use deodorizing methods to eliminate unpleasant odours from the mattress.

Same Day Mattress Cleaning in Surry Hills

Contact our mattress cleaning service in Surry Hills today to schedule any required assistance. Our team is equipped with top-notch tools and supplies to get the job done efficiently. We are available seven days a week, and you can schedule our services for the same day. Whether you need to clean your mattress before a party or guests arrive, we can help.

Why Choose 711 Mattress Cleaning in Surry Hills?

Key Points:

  • Our prices are reasonable, and there are no surprises when you use our cleaning services.
  • We only use safe and effective methods and products when cleaning mattresses.
  • Our staff has years of experience and can effectively clean different types of mattresses.
  • You can schedule our services for the same day through our online reservation system.
  • Our help desk is always available to assist you.
  • We offer various services for both commercial and residential buildings.

Mattress Cleaning Services Are Available Throughout Surry Hills

Our team of trained professionals will return your mattress to you in excellent condition after cleaning. We offer mattress cleaning services to homes, workplaces, hotels, and other locations in Surry Hills and its surrounding areas. So, you can make your mattress safe and healthy for your family with our services and professionals.