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Dust Mites Treatment Mattress

Get Professional Dust Mite Sanitation For Mattresses 

Dust mites are triggering factors for various allergies. People prone to dust allergies often get affected due to them. The reason is that dust mites aggravate breathing difficulties and make it tough for people to sleep. 711 Mattress Cleaning Sydney gives the right services for you to cope with it. For a dust mites mattress treatment service, you can simply hire our team. We are a certified company that offers the best services which will keep the dust mites away! We can treat the dust mites carefully and can completely eliminate the infestation. To get our services, just contact us at 02 5950 6266 and make an appointment right away. 

Dust Mites Treatment Mattress

Since mites are quite annoying and interfere with your sleep cycle. They thrive on dead skin cells, dust, debris, etc. All these sources help them to survive and they often end up infesting your mattress. It becomes the breeding bed for them to multiply rapidly. And they are available in your mattress in more numbers. Having dust mites can result in continuous sneezing, itchy skin, and also rapid coughing. And also the humid conditions are perfect for their survival. Therefore you need to keep your place dry to keep dust mites at bay. Try our dust mite removal services as well as the sanitation services that will make your property free from dust mites. 

Dust Mites Treatment Mattress: How Do We Perform The Cleaning? 

People often wonder about the ways to keep dust mites away. For this, getting a professional dust mites treatment mattress is necessary. Using the best tools, we perform the extraction and sanitation services. In order to attain great results, we use the latest technology and sanitation methods, which are proven to be effective. Our team will only opt for services that offer the best quality outcomes. Make an appointment to get our services without any delay. Once you schedule our services, our team will be at your doorstep to perform them. Here is what our team does to make your property free from dust mites: 

  • Our team is extremely punctual and professional and arrives at your location fully equipped, once we receive your appointment. 
  • We perform an inspection that helps in identifying the root cause and source of dust mite infestation. 
  • After that, we perform the dry extraction method. This is done for both pillows and mattresses using the HEPA filtration technique. 
  • The above step helps in the removal of dust mites as well as their excrement, which is the actual reason for causing allergies. 
  • Using the non-toxic anti-allergen or anti-dust mite spray, we spray the pillows and mattresses. Our dust mite treatment mattress services help in protecting your mattress from dust mite infestation for at least the next 6-8 months. 
  • After spraying this, your pillow and mattress might get damp for a while. Once it is dry and free from moisture, you can now put on the fresh bed sheets and do the bedding. 

General Facts About Dust Mites! 

  • “Skin-eating spider” is what dust mites are called in Latin. Yes! You heard it right. Dust mites often feed on the skin and the dead skin flakes. Hence they are termed so. 
  • Dust mites are often available in our mattresses that are readily invading your property. On average, a used mattress can accommodate about 1,00,000 to 10 million dust mites. Whether dead or alive, dust mites often end up interfering with people prone to allergies and infections. 
  • Regardless of the time that you spend in your bed, you can get allergies, if you have a dust mite infestation. The sobering fact is that the allergies and symptoms they can cause are inevitable. As they thrive in warm and dry places, mattresses, shelves, cupboards, shoe space, etc often become their habitats. As a result, the rate of multiplication is too rapid. 
  • Dust mites being the major reason for discomfort for people with asthma, it is important for you to make a decision to get expert services ideally. If ignored, it can induce mucosal inflammation, headaches, respiratory problems, chronic asthmatic disorders, etc. To avoid all these, get in touch with our team right away! 

Getting a professional dust mites treatment mattress gives the best results as you can completely get rid of the mites as well as their remnants. Call us now and make your appointments, this will help in getting our services without any delay. 

Since they not only breed on your mattress, they even infest other parts of your property. Under the right climatic conditions and with a good food source, they tend to multiply rapidly. Hence it is necessary to limit the food sources to prevent their multiplication. 

Prone To Dust Mite Infestation? Use A Dust Mite Resistant Mattress! 

Yes! You heard that correctly. There are certain mattresses that are resistant to dust mite infestation. Such mattresses are latex mattresses, which is the best bedding alternative. If you have dust mite allergies and are prone to such allergies, consider switching to a dust mite-resistant mattress. These latex mattresses consist of a cotton casing that has a core that is resistant to dust mite infestation. Since latex is generated from rubber trees naturally, it is naturally resistant to dust mites. It is extracted from the sap of rubber trees that oozes latex foam. 

Not only the protection but latex mattresses can also be cleaned so easily without any difficulties. Switching or replacing the regular ones with a latex mattress is the best choice to make because it can bring long-term relief from allergies caused due to dust mites. Eventually, this results in the betterment of your sleep patterns and also aids in giving you the good quality of sleep that you want. 

Apart from all these factors, they are even known for the kind of comfort they offer. In case you doubt the plan of making a complete switch to your new mattress, you can first try a latex topper. This is the best and most cost-effective way that can help you in making long-term decisions prior to making a huge purchase. Make yourself aware of all the advantages that you can enjoy by opting for a latex mattress and making a move. 

Not To Forget The Importance Of A Dust Mite Resistant Pillow 

Pillows are the other major reason for dust mite infestation. So if you ever consider making a switch to a latex mattress, get yourself a pair of latex pillows as well. This is because pillows are the ones that come close to your nasal tract which is the reason for various dust allergies. Apart from the nose, mouth, and eyes also get exposed to pillows. So if there is the presence of dust mites, there is a high chance of getting allergies. Therefore, to avoid all these making that switch to latex pillows can be a smart choice. 

Apart from latex pillows, there are many other alternatives in the market that can serve the same purpose. Make a preferable choice and stick to it for protecting yourself from dust mites and the atrocities they can cause. 

Dust Mites Treatment Mattress: Mattress Covers And Protectors 

Last but not least, upgrading the mattress covers and protectors can be an ideal choice. Because all the factors that aid in preventing dust mites can be achieved by simply using mattress covers and protectors that are dust-mite resistant. Apart from the dust mite treatment mattress, you can even make these smart moves to tackle dust mite infestation. This helps in offering the good sleep that you require to maintain good health. 

Regular mattress sanitation can be an additional perk to this. Thus hire experts and seek proper information and help from them. These mattress protectors and covers can be a great choice if there is a high frequency of dust mite infestation. Invest in good quality products and get long-term benefits.