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How to Clean Up Vomit On a Mattress?

Mattresses are the things on which we spend most of our time. They need to be maintained properly with enough care and effort. There are many types of stains that can be formed on the mattress and there are many reasons why the stains may be formed. Vomit stains are very commonly caused on the mattress. It could be due to many reasons and can cause many problems. Vomit can lead to bad odour, and attract many disease-causing bacteria and germs. To clean a vomit stain, you will require some homemade remedies. To know in detail about how to clean up vomit on a mattress, read the blog thoroughly. 

Steps To Get Rid Of The Vomit From The Mattress

Step 1- Scrape Off The Excess Vomiting- Before cleaning the mattress vomit stains, it is important for you to first get rid of the excess vomit from the surface of the mattress. Use a paper plate to scrape off the solids from the mattress and later throw them in a trash can.

How to Clean Up Vomit On a Mattress

It is important to wear rubber gloves to protect yourself from germs. In place of a paper plate, you can also use a dustpan to scrape off the vomiting. Later you can clean the dustpan with water. 

Step 2- Remove The Sheets And Wash Them- Once you scrape off the excess vomit from the mattress, you should now wash the sheets thoroughly. You can put them in a washing machine and add some amount of detergent to it and let them go for a spin. Make sure to act quickly to get rid of the stains as soon as possible. 

Step 3- Soak The Liquid From The Mattress- Soaking up the liquid is very important in order to remove the stains from the mattress. Firstly you must take a dry cloth and slowly soak up all the areas of the mattress. Make sure you don’t rub the area as it might spread the liquid even more. You can slowly blot the area using a dry cloth or a rag. 

Step- 4- Apply Baking Soda On The Mattress- Baking soda is very useful in removing the vomit smell from the mattress. After soaking the excess liquid from the mattress, you must pour some amount of baking soda on the stains and wait until it gets settled. Usually, you need to wait overnight until the baking soda completely gets settled. Later you can use a vacuum cleaner to remove the baking soda powder from the mattress. You can also sweep to remove the baking soda residues left on the mattress. Baking soda helps in removing stains as well as bad odours from the mattress. 

Step 4- Clean Leftover Stains With Vinegar- After cleaning the vomit stains using baking soda if there are still vomit stains left on the mattress, you can use a vinegar solution to remove them. Mix 1 cup of warm water with 1 cup of white vinegar in a bowl and mix them thoroughly. Add this solution to a spray bottle and shake it well before use. You can also add 1 teaspoon of liquid dish soap in it for extra cleaning power. Now spray this mixture on the stains and later blot the mattress with a clean, dry cloth. Make sure the towel is extremely absorbent to blot the mattress. 

Step 5- Repeat The Process- You must repeat the steps from the start until the stains are completely gone from the mattress. Depending on the stains and the cleaning solution, cleaning the mattress once might not be enough. To be completely sure about the stains, you need to repeat the process. 

Step 6- Dry The Mattress- Drying the mattress is also important once you clean the mattress. If there is excess cleaning solution left on the mattress, you can use a dry cloth to soak up the liquid from the mattress. After this, you can use a hair dryer to dry the liquid or place them under a fan to dry them. 

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